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: は、全米50州の写真やニュース・サービスを提供してきた株式会社プランズ
(Photo Libraries And News Services) が、国内外の写真業界に、
写真業界のユニークな最新情報・ニュースを提供するサイトとして発足しました。 is owned and operated by PLANS.Ltd. (Photo Libraries And News Services)
for servicing all the photographic needs for the Japan Photo Industry.
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Photo Archiving / Photo Retouching / Photo Scanning
American Photo Story by Takashi Yoshida, photograher for such as the National Geographic Magazine and many leading Japanese magazines. There are about 3,000 photographs in the 6 photo books photographed by the photographer since 1967 to 1992.
All the photographs are photographed each of the States.
Stock Photo Service of VIP, Movie, History, Sports and all others such as
the Unites Sates of America Stock Photos.
APA has over 1,000 advertising/commercial photographers. And founded 1958 and incoporated 1958.
Japan's leading professional photographer's organization with their 1,800 members.Founded in 195 and incorporated 2001.JPS has more editorial and fine art photographers.

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アルバムまるごと一冊デジタル化、 Photo Archiving : DVD and digital data making from OLD ALBUM



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